Our social media strategy begins with you.

We analyze the unique selling points of your business (the special things that make your business unique), the core customer base and key influencers that can help get your message out to a larger audience. These three target points can help turn excellent social media engagement into an increase in revenue.

Our difference really becomes apparent when you see our photography. Carnsmedia’s photography typically receives 3X more organic social engagement than other photography. One of our senior food photographers will stop by your place of business once a month as part of our social media Gold Package support. Your social media photography can finally reflect the integrity of the product that makes your business unique.

We offer four unique monthly packages that fit most budgets.


Our social media goal is to increase awareness for your business, elevate your online brand, help attract new customers and retain current customers.

A senior food journalists will work with one of our engagement managers to ensure that the posts describing your products are written by professionals that understand the food and beverage industry. For instance, our social media writers know the difference between whiskey and whisky. We can tell you that Bourbon can be made anywhere in America but it must be made with at least 51% corn, aged in new, charred-oak barrels and distilled to no more than 160 proof.

But we’re not just social media and engaging photography at Carnsmedia –– you also receive support from our senior website developers, email marketing team and digital creative director.