Carnsmedia Shares 50 Social Media Tips to Help a Local Business Grow

So you want press? You want your business to be featured in all the popular websites, magazines, local newspaper and TV shows like Eater, Thrillist, Time Out, New York Times & The Today Show, keep reading for tips!

In our previous post for social media week, Carnsmedia filmed Facebook live videos at several NYC businesses to highlight one specific way that we utilize social media to help local businesses grow.

Our first stop was Daddy-O in NYC’s West Village, where we talked about how establishing Unique Selling Points can often yield some great press opportunities. Daddy-O has been featured for “Best Whiskey Bar in NYC”, “Best Bar In America” “Best Wings” and more. 

What are Unique Selling Points (USP’s)?

Unique Selling Points or Unique Selling Proposition is an old marketing phrase that is very relevant today. Every business has something unique to offer. USP’s draw in the press and press coverage is an excellent way to grow a business. 

Have you established your USPs? 

NO I HAVE NOT: If you have not, consider ideas that are true to what you do well. Keep it simple. Be sure to make sure it stands out and is sustainable.

Stand Out 

First-to-market is a great start but how many can do that? Seems like every restaurant is doing farm-fresh, local, sustainable, small-batch and craft today. So we need to be more creative if we want to stick and to create a distinct difference between you and your competition.


So you hired a new bartender from NYC. She makes killer cocktails and has a huge Instagram following. The bar is packed on Mondays. Great! Let’s post about cocktails…WAIT!

Before you pick cocktails as your USP, ask, “Is it sustainable? Could you replicate the cocktail experience easily if she walked away?” Is it scalable to other locations? If the answer is Yes!, then you found your first Unique Selling Point, its cocktails!  If the answer is “No”, you could try posting about the new bartender and her cocktails on the specific evenings she is working, otherwise, you might be setting yourself up for a long winter (or short summer). 


USPs that are easy to replicate and scale even during tough times are your best bet.


 YES I HAVE: If you have, that’s fantastic, now all you have to do is tell everyone about them! And if your budget prohibits a press outreach campaign, repetitively posting about you’re USP’s on social media will help!

Don’t think of social media as a place to post randomly. It’s not your personal feed, it’s your business. Plan your social media strategy around your USP’s and be very specific and strategic with your posts. Give your followers a reason to come in and more importantly…come back.

Carnsmedia can help!

If you still need help, hire Carnsmedia! It is our mission to help local businesses grow.
We want to understand your business model and work with what your business does really well. After we help you establish your USPs, we share them on social media so the right people (press and clients) find out about them. Let us help you reach your ideal loyal customer!

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