Get a sneak peek of Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite Thanksgiving pie; our delicious Pumpkin Pie BEFORE it releases to the public on October 1st!

Approved influencers can stop by Little Pie Company on Friday, 9/28- Sunday, 9/30 to pick up a blissfully fresh and always handmade 5-inch Pumpkin Pie!

The Ask:

Creatively photograph our Pumpkin Pie to help promote our Spooktacular Halloween Fight Night! Post the pic to your IG by October 12th with details to RSVP to the Halloween event. Tag Little Pie Company, two friends and use hashtag #EatFreshPie.


Your followers receive 10% off in our bakery at our Spooktacular Halloween Fright Night. Followers must like Little Pie Company on Instagram and show they RSVP’d to the event.

The influencer with the most RSVP’s to show at Little Pie’s Halloween Fright Night wins a prize. But there is a catch! We are capping the number of RSVP spots to 50! Get the most RSVP’s of the 50 person cap, have them check in at the event and win! 

Please confirm if you are interested. (Once you are approved, we will follow up with details about the Halloween Event – RSVP, promotion, etc.)


The Location:

Little Pie Company

424 West 43 Street

(between 9th and 10th Avenues)

New York, NY 10036

Influencers must be approved by Carnsmedia to be eligible for an event.  We will contact you if we see an opportunity to work together.