Apple Computer chose a  Carnsmedia website to show the iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch feature in the Tips section on the new phone.

Carnsmedia is a creative marketing agency in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood that specializes in responsive websites, social marketing and engaging photography for food, beverage and hospitality industries.

Say, “Tip” to your new iPhone and Siri will bring up tips for your new iPhone.

Apple discovered on their own. They loved how Apple’s 3D Touch feature was designed into the bakery’s mobile website before Apple even came out with the feature.

Little Pie Company came to Carnsmedia with a request to bring their 30-year-old business into 2015. Their budget was small but enough for a comparative brand audit, positioning copy, strategic social marketing support and new responsive website to get them on track to compete with new bakeries now and in the future.

Sales are up 25% at Little Pie Company in the first year of doing business with Carnsmedia.

We designed a typical top navigation for the website but after viewing the website on an iPad, I realized that we hold devices on the bottom (not the top) so why would the navigation go on the top? It should live on the bottom (next to our hands).

We also realized that Little Pie Company’s pies change with the season, so the navigation should change too. We created a custom navigation experience that reflects what the business is doing right now. We taylor these messaging points to always hit their unique selling points then we strategically communicate these points to targeted social media channels.

I’m personally satisfied that this website enabled by Apple’s iPhone 3D Touch gives a little bakery in midtown NYC an opportunity to ship and sell their fresh pies across the country.

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